Boston Burger Company Launches
New Meal Kit Startup, BurgaBox!

So, you think Boston Burger Company is cool.  Wait until you hear about BurgaBox!  They ship their world famous burgers, mac & cheese, fries, and wings right to your door!

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BurgaBox is a meal kit startup created by The Boston Burger Company, winner of Rachael Ray's national Battle of the Best Burger contest.

The concept is simple. We provide you the ingredients and instructions to make the craziest burger feasts you can imagine.

Best Gift We Got In A Long Time!

"Burgabox was a terrific meal and actually fed us for a couple of meals as it was way too much for us to eat all at once. Ingredients were great, instructions were clear and we were very satisfied."

- Will K. (verified purchase)


This was super easy and delicious. Easy to follow directions, no major cooking skills required, a LOT of food (I didn't believe it when they said a lot of food, but believe it - it's a lot of food!) and so yummy.

- Christina W. (verified customer)

[this picture was taken by a customer in their own kitchen]